Thursday, March 28, 2013


Helmut Lang silk blouse, Hollister pants, and Gucci shoes that was my mom's from 20 years ago
Spring break is here!! Today marks the first day of Spring break which I have been waiting for forever. The days before break starts, there's always so much going on which explains why I haven't been posting daily! Sorry guys! Anyways, here's an outfit that I wore a couple of days ago which I'm absolutely in love with. I've recently fallen in love with Helmut Lang and I literally couldn't take my eyes off of this shirt at the store. It has honestly been a long and hard journey (I'm not being dramatic, I swear) for me to get my hands on this shirt! When I first laid my eyes on this silk shirt, I saw that it was teared at the sleeves because the fabric was so thin and delicate. And, they only had that one shirt left! So, I obviously panicked. Then I basically went to three other stores until I finally found this shirt (on the same day)! See how much I would do and all the trouble I would go through for one shirt? Haha

Oh, and speaking of Spring break, has anyone watched Spring Breakers yet? It hit theaters a couple of days ago and I actually really want to go see it! I haven't read any ratings or reviews yet. But, I honestly can't think of a better way to start off Spring break than with this movie. I mean it's basically the embodiment of Spring break, but a little trashier maybe?

Tell me your thoughts on the movie if you have watched it! :)

Happy first day of Spring break!

Love, Chloe

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