Saturday, March 16, 2013


Zara jacket, H&M skirt, and Miu Miu heels.
Friday nights are usually spent with my friends or family - the day I look forward to the most in a week. Not really a surprise, right? I had Italian food for dinner which was delicious. And just a sidenote, I'm not a picky eater. I'm satisfied easily :). To sum up my night, I would have to say that I had way too much chocolate. The restaurant was famous for it's iced chocolate drink, and I literally had a party in my mouth. The iced chocolate drink was rich, creamy, and had chocolate bits sprinkled in and lots of was just sooo good. I love sugar, and I'm horrible at controlling myself when it comes to desserts, especially chocolate desserts.

But, since it's the weekend, it really doesn't matter how much you eat or what you eat! And, it's also the only time of the week where you can stay out late and sleep in a little the next morning. So, getting all dressed up for the night is essential! Glam your outfit up with sequins and glitter and you'll find yourself in the limelight!

Love, Chloe

p.s. see how much I love military style jackets?


  1. What an awesome jacket! Great look and you are cute!

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  2. you are adorable! I love the look. check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like. :)

  3. You are so cute! I love the jacket and your legs! Haha, please check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other!