Thursday, March 7, 2013


Happy Thursday! I really couldn't be happier that the week is almost over. I've been counting down the hours until the weekend, and it's finally here! Tomorrow, my friends and I are throwing a surprise birthday dinner for our friend. So, I'm hoping that will turn out amazing, because I've honestly never thrown a surprise party before. I'm an amateur surprise party throw-er! I'm keeping my fingers crossed until tomorrow night, 7:30. Okay now, moving on to my outfit of the day. The first thing my guy friend said to me today was, "you look like you're wearing a garden." Yes, that's all he said! I didn't even get a proper "hey." But anyways, it's always funny hearing how guys feel about my outfit. I think sometimes my outfits drive the opposite sex away from me, literally. On the other hand, my friend who's a girl simply said "you look like Spring, I love it!" That's more like what I was going for + generally, I like to dress in colors.

Just wanted to share with you guys the comments I got from my friends today. What do you think about my outfit?

H&M jacket, H&M skirt, TAS ballet flats, and wedges.
Both pairs of shoes go well with my outfit and the colors are so bright and striking! I wore the ballet flats today because I had school, and I almost always find myself running up the stairs to my English class, but always ending up late anyways. I'm not very talented at running in heels, so I opted for flats :)

Love, Chloe

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