Monday, March 25, 2013


Boutique shop dress, Alexander McQueen heels.

I usually wear clothes that are more fun/colorful/edgy/expressive - on a daily basis. But, recently I have been really liking the proper and elegant look. It's definitely a lot more lady-like, and occasionally I do feel like I need to get in touch with that side of me haha. And, collars are definitely proper. But instead of just having a simple white collar, what I love about this dress is that the white collar is encrusted with rhinestones. Another thing that I love is the chain belt which hangs loosely around the waistline. Belts are a way of highlighting your waist and even though this one doesn't completely cinch my waist, it works really well and I love it! 

Once again, I bought this dress at a boutique shop. And I have to apologize for that because I know it's pretty hard to go out and find the exact same dress I'm wearing, but I'll definitely help anyone who wants to find a similar one! Don't be shy and message me :)

Love, Chloe

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